Israel: Celebrate the Holidays, Dec 2019

This invitation is for you and your Servas friends and members ->

Servas Israel invites you to celebrate Christmas, Hanukah and the Holiday of Holidays with us in Israel, 22-27 December 2019.

Take the unique opportunity to see for yourself, first-hand and up-close the diversities in our small country, Israel:
* Haifa, Wadi Nisnas, during the Holiday of Holidays festival
* Nazareth – the Christian & Muslim sites, Christmas Eve festivities.
* The Sea of Galilee and its Christian sites.
* Jerusalem, the city of the three monotheistic religions.

Please send the registration form to:

See more details and registration form attached. For more information, see the Servas Israel website

Registration will end at15 May 2019, or earlier if the list of 27 participants is full.
We look forward to seeing you in Israel.

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