Servas España promueve varias iniciativas para ayudar con las necesidades e inquietudes de los socios y socias.

Programa Grupo para practicar español. Marzo 2023. EN PRUEBAS

Programa SYLE – Servas Youth Languaje Experiencie
For youth under 30 years old.
Duration of SYLE: from 2 o 4 weeks, usually 1 week for each family.
Target: to learn/improve a language (not only ) but also to learn a culture , and to learn what is Servas
It is Servas hospitality: the traveller is part of the family.
The traveller should be flexible, respectfull, helpful with the hosting family,
The traveller can introduce his country, his tradition and lifestyle (he can use video, photos, story-telling).
He can cook a special dish/food from his country, offer a dinner, ice cream and bring a small gift to the hosting family
It can be an exchange: a youngster from hosting family can be hosted by the traveller’s family (if agreed)
Costs: trip, transfer, bus, train, ticket to enter to swimming pool, Cinema, theatres and all extra are at charge of Traveller
The family can ask to the Traveller to do small jobs at home (gardening, baby sitting, dog sitting, others)
We suggest to get in touch by video-call, email or phone before the SYLE, to agree the terms and dates and to know each other
The traveller will write a report (in English or Spanish) with photos, to be shared on web, to inspire other youngster to do the same experience
The hosting family will write a report (if available) with the same purpose

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